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Wellness Packages: Me Time!

Little Hammam Tour

Enjoy a delightful oriental treatment ... In the Middle East, Hammam and related treatments are well-known and have been very popular for ages. Each country has its own traditions. For centuries, people have allowed themselves to indulge in this wonderful body cleansing treatment, which includes a delightful scrub and silky warm oil massage. The Little Hammam Tour takes you to an oriental atmosphere while mystical realms make you drift off to the country of Thousand and One Nights.

   • exfoliation of your feet with a warm footbath and traditional olive soap

   • a back and arm scrub

   • a back wrap with Algae for a detoxifying effect

   • a scalp massage during the back wrap

   • a back massage with warm oil (30 minutes)

   • a cup of tea to end your stay

90 min
Price: € 99,- per person

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Pimp Your Body

Would you like to get rid of that unpleasant cellulite? And do you also want to strengthen your body and, of course, your skin in a delightful way? For this purpose, we have a special beauty package to provide the skin with more elasticity and to reduce cellulite. By scrubbing, massaging and a wrap, we can make your skin feeling baby soft again.

• scrubbing the feet with sea salt and a foot bath with essential oils
• exfoliation of the legs, belly and buttocks

   • a massage of the legs, belly and buttocks
• wrap enriched with algae to reduce cellulite (detoxifying, cleansing, purifying)
• a cup of tea to end your stay 

Duration: 100 min
Price: € 85,- per person

Thai Impression

Would you like to make a trip to Thailand and experience the wonderful scents and spices on your body? Book the Thai Impression now. A beauty package where we pamper your body and face with special herbal stamps. Accompanied by soothing music, imagine yourself in beautiful Thailand. The herbal stamps reduce colds, purify the skin and give you a very destressing feeling at the end. Are you taking the journey with us?

• a foot bath with Asian oil
• an Asian massage with oil
• exfoliation of the back with algae and sea salt
• a herbal stamp massage of the back
• a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 75 min 
Price: € 69,- per person

Lomi Lomi from Hawaii

The Lomi Lomi massage is a wonderful art of massaging that originally comes from the Hawaiian Islands. For this massaging style we do not only work with our hands, but also with the soft part of the forearm. Your body sways gently like the waves of the sea and you will feel completely balanced. This massage provides the ultimate relaxation and you will feel like your lying on a beach in Hawaii with palm trees around you.

• scrubbing of the feet and a foot bath with essential oils
• Lomi Lomi massage
• a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 75 min
Price: € 80,- per person

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Lavendalfields In & Out

Just imagine the rolling lavender fields of France and enjoy all the beautiful colors. Love this picture? Well in that case this 
package certainly suits your needs. We will pamper you with various kinds of delicious lavender during a body massage 
followed by a wrap. Your body absorbs the skin-healing, moisturizing and soothing qualities of roses and in the end 
you will feel like living a lavishly rich life.

• a body massage with warm lavender oil
• a back seaweed wrap with lavender
• a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 90 min
Price: € 82,- per person

Roses With Love

A very special ritual in which the Purple Rose synergy not only soothes your dry and stress-sensitive skin, but also 
provides your body and mind with a great positive boost. Away with the winter blues! Surrender to the healing power 
of roses. Did you know that roses also soften wrinkles and increase your natural resistance? Like a fragrant flower 
you will feel destressed, fully relaxed and you will smell irresistibly.

• 30 min back massage with rose oil
• a rose back wrap
• a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 60 min
Price: € 65,- per person

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Mother & Daughter Together

The best combination: relaxing together while being pampered and having lovely chats. Total relaxation with a massage on a cushion of warm water of about 40 degrees celsius. Through the massage you experience a sensation as if you were swaying on the waves of the sea. Completed with beautiful make-up, you will both leave the salon after having had an enjoyable stay and you will be feeling completely satisfied.

• Hydromed Warm Water Massage Cushion
• beautiful complete day make up
• a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 90 min
Price: € 99,- per person

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Maximum Chocolate Surprise

The chocolate mousse wrap and the special chocolate candle which we use to massage your back, shoulders and neck, turn the Maximum Chocolate Surprise into a pure chocolate party. Did you know that the natural minerals in cocoa products slim, firm and moisturize the skin in a very effective way? Expect to go back home with a smooth and soft skin and, most likely, with a smile on your face.

• a back scrub
• a massage of the back / shoulder / neck with a hot chocolate candle
• a chocolate mousse wrap of the back

   • a cup of tea to end your stay

Duration: 80 min 
Price: € 82,- per person

When you choose one of these packages, please do not hesitate to complete your package with one or more of our separate treats.

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