Face the Face


The power of self healing

Energy is an essential element in our lives. It is present everywhere around us, but can especially be found in ourselves. Usually, this energy flows freely, so that we can enjoy our life full of vitality. But sometimes you will find that your energy system is disturbed, for any kind of reason, and that you may need help in cleansing your energy system in order to let it flow freely once again. This can be a done on a conscious or subconscious level: Face your Mind! During these energetic treatments, we hold a mirror up to you, so that you become aware of the difficulties you face.


Energetic Massage
The problem areas in your body will be looked at with respect and attention. It may be that something is wrong in your energy system or that an energetic blockage has occurred. chak bal massageYou can also suffer from sore muscles or painful areas on/in your body. The specialist will intuitively know which parts of your body need energetic supplementation. It is important that your body finds a way to start healing itself. If the specialist recognises and points out your symptoms, a proper treatment program will be determined by you and your specialist. For a soothing massage you can compose a wonderful oil from our selection of essential oils.

  per 30 min 33,-
Energetic hour
A combination of Aura Healing, Reiki and Energetic massage for optimal relaxation.
  60 min 64,-
Reiki has its origins in Japan and means Universal Life Energy. It is believed that by palm healing, Reiki can pass on energy. This is something everyone would be able to do. Our specialist has learned to transmit energy by attending a Reiki course. The universal healing energy can be applied on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The Reiki itself decides where it goes. It can never cause any harm or malfunction. Energy goes there where itis most needed at that moment. With the increase of life energy, you will learn to get to know yourself better and to get in touch with your own creativity. This allows your self-healing capabilities to be initiated.
  per 60 min 61,-
 Aura  Healing
Removes negative energy and eliminates blockages in the aura and chakras.
   Per 60 min  64,-
The healer places her hands on a person’s body and transmits energy. Via magnetizing the body regains its ability to attract life power. It supports reducing built-up tension, accumulated toxins and, of course, to recover from a lack of life energy. It supports reducing built-up tension, accumulated toxins and, of course, to recover from a lack of life energy. A healer is able to reconnect someone with the healing powers of the earth.
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  Per 30 min 35,-
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