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The French
cosmetics brand Sothys stands for more than 60 years of expertise, innovation and quality in the field of skincare. The products are all based on natural, botanical ingredients. Sothys offers a well-groomed, fresh and radiant appearance, which stimulates self confidence and what is of great value to feel more comfortable. Each skintype and/or skinproblem is assured of a specific range of products that not only guarantee the visible effects of skin improvement, but also comfort in use and above all safe with regard to composition.

Sothys Basis Facial Treatment
(depth)cleansing,exfoliation, mask, tweezing eyebrows and massage
70 min 62,50
Sothys Basis Plus Facial Treatment
Complete treatment including skin analysis, deep cleansing, depilation, peeling, ampoule (adapted to your skin type), mask (Double Masque Anti-Age) and a long massage.

Sothys model liggend
70 min 69,95
(W.)tm Treatment for pigmentation
A treatment Sothys Institute in five stages, against dark spots and to clarify skin tone.
It combines the Digi-Esthetique and the complex (W.) tm with white tea, chamomile and brown algae. A special moment for face and hands.
sothys W
75 min 73,95
Institute Treatment Hydra 3Ha (moisturizing)

This excellent treatment is specially designed to meet the hydration needs of each skin with a specific protocol in 6 phases with moisturizing active ingredients of last generation (hyaluronic acid and boleetextract) and exclusive massage techniques. Provides a direct and lasting effect.

Sothys Hydroptimale movSothys Hydro 
hydra 3 ha model  hydra3Ha
90 min 90,-
Sothys Institute Intensif Jeunesse ßP3 Tri-Complex Treatment
Newest intensive anti-aging treatement by Sothys focused on the prevention of wrinkles and sagging skin.
Sothys jeunesse movsothys Cremes jeunesse
Supporting home products: Sothys Jeunesse Serums and Jeunesse Creams
90 min 95,-
A treatment for very sensitive skin to rebuild the resistance of the skin. Especially for allergic skin that reacts quickly. Includes facial massage.
75 min 65,95
Energizing Booster NEW!
An intensive energizing institute treatment with Siberian Ginseng for radiant and fresh complexion. Included extra deep cleaning and extensive very relaxing massage.

90 min

Clarté & Comfort
To soothe and protect skin with rosacea / rosacea (fragile capillaries). Mutes the
of the skin. Includes facial massage.
75 min 65,95
"Haute Protection Regard" by Sothys
This new treatment offers the solution to make and keep your look visibly younger.
In addition to basic facial
Seperate without basic facial

Haute Prot Regard Yeux

45 min
50 min


Soin Excellence Secrets de Sothys
A very luxurious and effective but above all exceptionally relaxing Sothys Institute Treatment. This excellent treatment will make you look younger and more radiant than ever thanks to optimal hydration, anti-aging and radiant complexion.
Secrets Play button1Sothys Secrets
90 min 150,-
Seasonal Treatment
A very relaxing and nourishing treatment for 60 min combines delightful extracts of the season, resulting in a radiant and velvety skin. This treatment changes every season! Curious about the extracts we currently use? Look here.
Seiz Peer druif

60 min 62,50
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