Face the Face


Separate modules

Each treatment can be completed with one of the following modules:



Skin advice

10 min 10,-
Massage face, neck en decollete
facial-massageAn extensive face, neck, shoulders and décolleté massage stimulates bloodcirculation, strengthens the discharge of 'waste' and improves the absorption of active
ingredients. This will optimize your well-being by a sense of calm and relaxation.

30 min

Removal of veins / fibroids with Telegone
Telegone appUsing the Tele-Gone system, many innocent cosmetic skinproblems can be solved
that are troublesome for you.
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per 15 min


3D Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows (PMU)
Hair Stroke technique with the aid of a very small knife. Small scratches
(hairs) are made in the skin, after which the pigment remains behind into the skin. It is a
totally new technique whereby the hairs really look razor sharp. Advantages : whole
thin hairs, not be distinguished from real, quickly and immediately beautiful.

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FtMU 3D PMU voor-na1 EngFtMU 3D PMU voor-na2 Eng
full treatment
incl. 1 after treatment
Eyelash Extensions
Do you want beautiful long eyelashes? The secret of the national and international stars known
TV and many glamor magazines: Eyelash Extensions. Complete treat 99,- including
precision wimperborsteltje.
Wishlashes 5 klein
Complete treat
fill up after 2 weeks
fill up after 3 weeks
Removal extensions done by others
done by us
fill up after 6 weeks = new set


Permanent hair removal with ELOS
With ELOS ingrown hairs and nasty cuts from shaving really belong to the past. Save time and
money and trust your smooth, sexy and hair-free skin! With us you can look forward to a safe
permanent hair removal. We do this in collaboration with HBO paramedic skin therapists of
Cosmetique Totale who work with the most advanced ELOS technology.
 ELOS is unlike other
methods suitable for every skin type and hair color. So even for dark, blond, gray and
flaxen hair!
k here for a complete description and tariff.
 from  €  15,00


waxing upper lip
Waxing chin 8,95
Waxing upper lip & chin 16,-
Waxing chin, upper lip and cheeks 29,95
Eyemask 14,95
Dye eye lashes 14,50
Tweeze eyebrows 14,95
Dye eyebrows 11,50
Dye eyelashes & eyebrows 23,-
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