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The Neoderma Bio-Peeling
bio peelingAfter years of scientific research Neoderma brought a dermatological revolution by the development of the Neoderma bio-peeling. This organic herbal peeling based on algae, Chinese herbs and perfluorocarbon (blue blood) is the most famous professional treatment by Neoderma, is a leader in the field of skin problems and provides professional treatment for the allergic, thin, dark skin and for the most common skin problems like acne, blemished and oily skin, wrinkles and sagging skin, dry skin, pigmentation and age spots, rosacea and rosacea, scars and enlarged pores and smokers skin.

The Neoderma bio-peeling normalizes all functions of the skin, improves circulation and stimulates cell renewal. It has a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect. This Chinese Peeling also affects the immune system of the skin. Painless, no redness and no peeling. So you do not have to stay at home! In fact, your skin will look more radiant and firmer like never before!

You can undergo the treatment once or, for even better results, several times (therapy). The bio-peeling gives the best results if you use supported products by Neoderma with perfluorocarbon and a 24-hour cream. This can save you 60% in treatments.Biopeeling mov

The therapeutic effect of of Neoderma Bio-peeling begins only with the second treatment. The functioning of the peeling goes up to 10 days after the treatment. Therefore, we can solve severe problems skin by the application of a course of treatment, usually three treatments in 10 days, so that an accumulation of the effect of the herbs are obtained. Then once a week until the desired result is obtained. Perhaps needless to say, but the use of supported skincare products of Neoderma is necessary. Because you can reach 40% more results.

Treatment 60 min      € 77,50
Cure 3x60 min          € 212,50

The significance of Perfluorocarbon

Perfluorocarbon brings oxygen into the basal cell layer (5th layer of the epidermis) of the skin. This will slow the aging process and helps the skin heal faster. The use of perfluorocarbon ensures that collagen and elastin in the skin to be maintained (gives a younger appearance).

Perfluorocarbon is a vital constituent of Neoderma Blue Blood Gel Youth Infuser en much more concentrated Blue Blood Oxygen Active Serum. In a way perfluorcarbon could be a good blood substitute. Because it is proved to be healing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. It can also include large amounts of oxygen, so that skin cells can absorb more oxygen. Also the collagen in the skin is better maintained. According to tests, application of perfluorocarbon gives a clear improvement in skin texture. Moreover, aging of skin and hyperkeratosis is significantly delayed.

Also based on perfluorocarbon, in our salon we offer following Neoderma facial treatments

• Biolifting treatment which acts like a mini facelift,
• Neo-Marine Spa which moisturises and works anti-aging,
• Neo-White Treatment for stubborn spots,
Rebalancing Treatment for acne and combination skin,
• Advanced Power Lift Treatment for sagging and
• Apaline Treatment for sensitive and /or rosacea skin.

For almost all Neoderma facial treatments an extra long neck, shoulder and neck massage is included as standard. Also nice to know, you can combine a Neoderma bio-peeling with any of these facial skinimprovement treatments! 



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