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Fancy a new look?

Are you going out soon or will there be a special occasion where you want to look your very best? Allow yourself to be made up professionaly. You can also learn to do your own make-up at one of our workshops. We use brands like Allround Mineral Cosmetics (A.M.C.) and Sothys.

Complete Make-up
Our make-up artists completed their cosmetology training at, among others, Dik Peeters. They succesfully applied their knowledge and skills at various fashion shows and photo shoots. Our experience is so vast that we can do any make-up for you. Whether it's a make-up for daytime, for a party or for a real make-over, everything is possible.
  per session 48,50
3D Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows - Hairstroke Technique
A Hair Stroke technique where a very small knife is used to make small scratches (the hair, so to speak) in the skin, after which the pigment in the skins remains behind. Advantages: very thin hair that looks like real hair. It can be done quickly and will look beautiful immediately.
FtMU 3D PMU voor-na1 EngFtMU 3D PMU voor-na2 Eng
  Complete treatment incl. 1 after-treatment 295,-
3D Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows - Needle Technique
A specialized needle technique (sometimes called shadow technique) done by our own PMU specialist. By using a very thin sterile needle, a special safe Ecuri pigment is applied immediately below the skin surface. Advantage: fuller eyebrows with volume.
  Complete treatment incl. 1 after-treatment 295,-
3D Permanent Make-Up Eyeliners
In this technique, a special safe pigment by our PMU specialist immediately below the skin surface. Why? To give your eyes a forever good looking intense effect! You don't have to be thinking about applying eyeliner make-up anymore while in a hurry. Whatever you do, your eyes look perfect.
  Upper eyelids
Upper eyelids extra thick
Lower Eyelids
Both Eyelids



Eyelash Extensions
Do you want beautiful long eyelashes? The secret of the national and international stars known from TV and many glamour magazines: Eyelash Extensions for € 99 including a precision eyelash brush for free.
Wishlashes 5 klein


First full treatment

fill up after 2 weeks

fill up after 2 weeks

Removal extensions done by others

done by us

fill after 6 weeks = new set






Bridal Make Up
Probably, you'll get married only once in a lifetime. Therefore you want this day to be the best day of your life. Then of course, you want to look stunning and you want your make up to look perfect. So how do we achieve this? First of all, a trial make-up precedes the final bridal make-up. This means we listen to your wishes in detail, then we do your make-up and together we evaluate the result. Important are your wishes, clothing and what type of person you are. The idea is to emphasize your strong points, but in a way that you will still remain yourself. Then we decide if our make-up cosmetician will go to your place on the day of your wedding or if you come and visit us. In the first case, we charge a contribution for travelling time. Make sure you make a reservation for your bridal make-up on time.

See also our exclusive Wedding Package

  excl. travel time 97,00

fancy a new look?

Looking for tips to make the most of how you look?

New make up perfectly applied?

Advice on perfect make up?

Choose a Face the Face Make-Up Workshop!

During workshops we work with make-up from Sothys. A famous French brand in cosmetics and make-up that many professional make-up artists around the world choose to work with. Sothys products contain nourishing ingredients so your skin remains moisturized. Also, these products remain on your skin perfectly.

Workshop for individuals

Our make-up artists have had their cosmetology training at, among others, Dik Peeters and they succesfully applied their knowledge and skills at various fashion shows and photo shoots. Now, we use these experiences to organize make-up workshops. In practice, a make-up workshop is given to at least 4 to 6 people. In 2 hours’ time we teach you how to do your own make-up perfectly. That means showing your strong points and masking some of your other features. Additionally, you will receive  personal color advice. You can assemble a group of friends, family or colleagues, but you can also just come by yourself.

per person

please contact us for dates and availability

Workshop for businesses
We provide make-up workshops at other beauty salons and schools for occupations in the province of South Holland where personnel has to look representative. Each workshop can be customized and tailored to your needs. If you want more information about a workshop at your organization? Please contact us and we will be pleased to visit you to discuss your requirements.
  on request    
Photoshoots / Fashion shows
You can also hire us for photo sessions and fashion shows. During a first meeting, we identify your needs and offer you a customized quotation.

During the workshops we work with Sothys. A well-known French cosmetic and make-up brand used by many professional make-up artists all over the world. Sothys products contain many nourishing ingredients so that the skin remains moisturized. Furthermore, these products stay on your skin perfectly. 

  on request    
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