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3D Permanent Make-Up (PMU) Eyebrows - Hairstroke Technique


pmu Hairstroke movie buttonLifelike eyebrows with hairstroke technique.

Fast, easy and perfect at once!

Your wish for perfect eyebrows will come true!

The 3D Hairstroke Technique for permanent makeup eyebrow with the aid of a tiny knife. Very small pigment scratches (hairs) are made in the skin by our qualified PMU specialist. We apply tiny, individual hair strokes in different shades of pigment to create a 3D effect. Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how realistic they look! It is a new technique allowing the hairs look really razor sharp and realistic. The entire treatment is very quick and it only takes at most 15 minutes to complete each brow. The treatment is completely painless. By means of this technique, we can guarantee a absolute natural result what can not be done with the 'traditional moving needle technique'. Advantages: very thin hairs, the pigmented lines are like real hair so can't see the difference from real brows, quickly and immediately beautiful.

For who? If you’ve lost your brows because of a medical condition, illness, as a side effect of medication or for any other reason, you’ll probably know the effect on your self-confidence. Or what about the worldwide teenage tweezerfest that leaves many women with a few lonely hairs where their eyebrows used to be! Are you one of those unfortunate overpluckers?  Well, now you can forget the daily chore of pencilling on your eyebrows. The fantastic news is that 3D individual brushstroke permanent eyebrow makeup technique will make you feel human again. If you suffer with thin or missing brows due to excess plucking or pale hair colour, permanent make-up will create a realistic and natural looking brow line, which will last for at least 1 year.

The permanent makeup lasts for between 1 and 1,5 years. A treatment consists of fully applying shapely eyebrows and after 1 month a extra treat for the finishing touch.

Price complete treatment incl. one after-treatment: normally € 295,-

Also good to know: we are of course in possession of a Public Health Permit for Permanent Make-Up! All used Ecuri equipment and pigments meet all the requirements of the Public Health Service and the Inspection Department.

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